What to expect

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision rehabilitation includes a detailed exam similar to an ophthalmologist’s exam, but with different eye charts to better determine the level of function. Once function is determined, Dr. Suzanne Kim discusses the patient’s vision goals and what they enjoy doing most. Then, the patient works with an occupational to learn how to use the tools provided. At MEDARVA’s Low Vision Center, an occupational therapist has shown to make all the difference in patient’s acceptance and long-term use of low vision tools and activities.

Low Vision rehabilitation includes some of the following activities:

  • Prescriptions for specific magnifying devices and training on how to use those devices
  • Rehabilitation training in reading, writing, shopping, cooking, lighting and glare control
  • A home assessment to determine specific needs for the home to be a safe environment.
  • Resources for the patient to better understand the frustrations of living with low vision and learning how to adapt



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